June 22nd – 25th, 2010, Sheraton Surabaya * 

The aim of the training is to provide an appreciation of some BASIC OF PETROLEUM INDUSTRY ASPECT ESPECIALLY UPSTREAM SECTOR. You will become familiar with basic principle of origin of petroleum, basic geology, exploration,  reservoir fluid physical properties, the petroleum geology, reservoir engineering, drilling engineering and well completion, production engineering, workover engineering and processing, including its equipment and facilities. The end session of the program will completed with Audio Visual Presentation and FIELD trip study.


Origin of Petroleum

 Basic of Geology

-Basic Concept of Petroleum Geology

-History of Earth and Rock Circle

 Basic Oil & Gas Exploration Engineering

-Surface and Subsurface Surveys

-Drilling “Wild Cat”

 Reservoir Engineering

-Source Rock/ Migrations/ HC Reservoir Traps

-Hydrocarbon Compositions

-Physical and Fluid Properties

-Reservoir Drive Mechanism

 Drilling Technology, Equipment & Operations

-Drilling Concept

-Drilling Technology

-Drilling Material and Equipment

-Drilling Operations and Program

Well Completions

-Well completion overview

-Well completion equipment

-Well Completion process

Workovers – Well Service Operation

-Overview of Production Problems

-Workover – Well Service Equipment

-Workover – Well Service Operations

Production Engineering

-Type of Production Method

-Surface Fluid Handling and Treating Facility

-Production facilities and equipment

Oil and Gas Processing and Facilities

Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR)


  • · Lecturing and class room session
  • · Audio Visual Presentation
  • · Interactive Sharing Information and Experience
  • · Group Discussion, Question and Answer Session



This training available for employee that are direct or not directly involved with the technical side of petroleum engineering. Such as Finance : Accounting, Budgeting, Financial Analyst, Tax, Treasury, Logistic materials : purchasing, procurement, inventory, warehouse, transportation etc, Human Resources, public relation, business development, secretary and administration, project support, Safety, Health and Environment Engineer and personnel, maintenance engineers and personnel etc.  This training aim to give the participant get the knowledge to enhanced communication with the team asset management.

Information & REGISTRATION

Phone         : (62-21) 798.0210

Fax                 : (62-21) 798.0170


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We provide training in oil and gas in Indonesia
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