June 22nd – 25th, 2010, Sheraton Surabaya *

After completing to this training all participant will get learn :

  • Understanding the basic principle of calculation the oil well, gas and geothermal reservoir, operating development of production optimization to enhance the production performance of well and oil & gas field          
  • How to diagnose and understanding the completing of the production optimization with nodal system
  • How to analyze the data of oil well, gas and geothermal,
  • To forecasting the performance and designing the Oil well, gas and geothermal the development its
  • To calculating the quantitative data from tubing, flowline, choke, perforating, gravel-pack, sub-surface, safety valve from the well, designing the development its with calculating the capability of each well.
  • Application the production optimization on the artificial lift system with gas-lift, submersible-pump, sucker rod pump and  hydraulic pump.



Production System Analysis

– Nodal System Analysis Model

– Nodal System Analysis  Application

Reservoir Performance

– Equations and Inflow Performance Relationship

– Real-Time Performance of Oil Wells

– Performance Prediction of Oil Wells

– Real-Time Performance of Gas Wells

– Performance Prediction of Gas Wells

– Effect of Water Production

Pressure Drop of Fluid Flow in Pipes

– General Equations and Concepts

– Fluid Properties : Density, Compressibility Factor etc.

– Well-Flow Correlations

– Pipeline Flow Correlations

– Chokes and Valves Pressure Drop

– Effect of Velocity

Total System Analysis

– Tubing Design

– Flowline Size

– Effect of Stimulation

– Chokes and Valves

– Effect of Completion

Artificial Lift Method

– Gas Lift

– Submersible Pump

– Sucker Rod Pump

– Hydraulic Pump

Nodal Analysis in Specific Field Application

– Pressure Drop Calculation in Steam Line

– Pressure Calculation in Injection Wells

– Pressure Calculation in Production Wells

– Total Analysis Approach


  • · Lecturing and class room session
  • · Interactive Sharing Information and Experience
  • · Group Discussion, Question and Answer Session
  • –       Production Engineers
  • –       Production Operators
  • –       Reservoir Engineers
  • –       Well Engineers
  • –       Petroleum Engineers
  • –       Any person who wish to enhance about above topic

Information & REGISTRATION

Phone         : (62-21) 798.0210        Fax               : (62-21) 798.0170


About Indocita

We provide training in oil and gas in Indonesia
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