Juni, 16th – 18th 2010, Padma Bali*

The training program aims to give the participants the ability to understand the role of petroleum economics in upstream petroleum industry investment decision-making and how to use petroleum economics in their work. It aims to give participants the ability to: Understand and construct petroleum industry cash flow projections; Understand and know how to apply economic indicators; Understand and apply risk and portfolio analysis concepts to exploration & production investments; Gain insight into how economics affects reserves definitions; Evaluate and model fiscal/PSC terms of Malaysia and countries worldwide; Apply the techniques of economic evaluation in valuing oil and gas properties.


Oil and Gas Industry Overview

Oil & Gas/ Petroleum System Overview

Oil and Gas Project Overview

Cash flow analysis

Net cash flow

Economic life and reserves

Distinction between cash flow and profit

Cash flow and tax

Cash flow and PSCs

Sunk costs

Incorporating inflation into cash flow projections

Real and nominal cash flows

Incremental cash flow analysis

Economic indicators


Net Present Value (“NPV”)

Real and nominal NPVs

Internal rate of return (“IRR”)

Problems with IRR


Capital productivity index (CPI)

Example economic evaluations

Risk analysis

Probability analysis

Expected value (“EV”)

Decision trees

Value of information

Sensitivity analysis

Monte Carlo simulation

Investment portfolios

Real Options

Fiscal analysis


Structure of fiscal regimes

Severity and efficiency of fiscal regimes

Incremental effects of fiscal regimes

Analysis of  INDONESIA fiscal regime and comparation with other country


  • Lecturing and Class room session
  • Case Study and software simulation overview
  • Interactive sharing information and experience
  • Group discussion, question and answer session



  • This training is ideal introduction for Engineers, Geologist, Economist, Finance, Asset and Project Manager who want to learn from conventional to advance project evaluation methodologies in petroleum industry.
  • Any person who wish to enhanced about of above aspect

Information & REGISTRATION

Phone         : (62-21) 798.0210  Fax                     : (62-21) 798.0170


About Indocita

We provide training in oil and gas in Indonesia
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